This September we did the official Bcn Swimmers club crossing outside the territory, and this time we chose the 4,500 m vault in the Ifac Rock in the Alicante town of Calp.
We enjoyed a weekend of authentic luxury, staying in a hotel in front of the beach. I tell you:

Arrival at the hotel on Friday afternoon and night brotherhood dinner.
Saturday morning we do a tasting of the Alicante waters with a training of 2,300 m with a very flat sea and a sunny day.
In the afternoon walk through Calpe and we will see the beach of arrival and the situation of the buoys. In the evening dinner all together and at night some of them went out of party.

On Sunday we get up early with a slightly rough time that will clarify throughout the morning. We are going to the exit, with a bit of cold -because the wetsuit is prohibited – and the usual nerves of this type of test. The ‘PRO’ are shot and the rest of us are starting to enjoy the transparent waters of the Mediterranean. The sun comes out completely and the flat sea makes the experience unforgettable. Seeing hundreds of swimmers, buoys, kayaks, boats, all half mixed give an absolutely spectacular, unforgettable view in the middle of the sea.

It is very enjoyable, and after swimming 4,500 m the arrival times or rather the classification of each one is completely irrelevant except for the aforementioned PRO.

Back home a halfway stop to share a meal with colleagues where we take the opportunity to comment on experiences, anecdotes and above all good humor and many laughs.