Summer has come to an end, but as our slogan says… we swim all year round! That’s why we will shotly put our wetsuit on and continue training for the next open water challenges.

Season 2016/2017 will be the third one as a club for Barcelona Swimmers. We have grown a lot since we started two years ago and last september we reached the 50 members, which means four times the members we had in the beginning. Reaching this challenge has been possible with the help of all our members and those of you who follow us and that will soon be part of us (even if you still don’t know it).

Due to a good management of the club, he have achieved to increase the services we offer to our members, focusing in their wellness, safety, and having better training sessions.

Here are some of the news for the next season… come and see!

  • Technical staff increase. Apart from Raül Navarro, we have incorporated Carlos Pulido, a high-level swimmer and triahtlete, as a trainer. He will contribute with his experience to have more dynamic and professional training sessions. Besides, with the presence of two trainers, we will be able to divide the sessions into different groups according to their paces.
  • Safety boat. Due to the increasingly number of members, our open water training sessions must have the maximum security. So, in order to be completely safe during the whole session, we have purchased a boat (we have called it «Tramuntana»). The boat will serve as a safety element as well as a technical element, as it will allow us to have an optimal point of view of the session and be able to correct any kind of technical mistake.
  • Sea radio VHF communicators. These apparels are continously connected with land and also between them so we can ask for help if something is goinng wrong. One will be held by our trainer and the other will stay in the boat.
  • More lines in our pool sessions. Due to a higher number of swimmers also in our technical pool sessions, we have increased the number of lines that we will use in the pool. So, the sessions will be more dynamic and comfortable for our swimmers.
  • New Swim Stages. In the next season agenda, we will have two permanent yearly Swim Stages. They consist of an intensive week-end programme destinated to have special training sessions within beautiful natural environments all along de Catalonian Coast. Our members will have special reduced prices if they attend to those Stages.
  • Masterclasses. As we did before summer, next season we will continue organizing conferences, seminars and masterclasses as a part of our activities. Eventhough they might not be diectly related to swimming, they will help us to improve our performance by following their advices. Some of the masterclasses for the next season will deal with nutrition, stretching, crossfit, etc.

As you can see, we are continously thinking about news for our members. The goal, as always, is the same: to promote the open water swimming as an sport.

If your are thinking about joining this sport, remember that you can ask for a free session by filling this form. Once received we will contact you so you can join us in a session as soon as possible!

Salut i mar!